Land Stewardship in Kansas since 1856

Geiger Farm

Welcome to our certified organic farm!

Our Legacy

We  are a sixth generation family farm (the seventh generation is in grade  school).  Jack's ancestry can be traced back to Joseph Geiger, a  landowner and miller in the Necker River Valley in Germany, in the 15th  century.  Our ancestors came primarily from Germany, and settled in  Kansas in the mid 1800's.   I, Jack, am one of six brothers.  Four still  live in the Robinson, Kansas area and are involved in agriculture.  Our  organic transition began in the mid 1980's, as an outgrowth of the  "farm crisis".  My father survived the crisis and undertook the  transition to organic agriculture as a survival strategy.  Our farming  practices do not rely on debt, excessive external inputs, or promote  technology as the solution.  Rather, we rely on what nature has  provided, using techniques such as crop rotation, green manures, animal  husbandry, and beneficial planting to enrich our soils and promote pest  control.  In essence, we use the proven farming techniques of our  ancestors, and combine them with today's modern efficient practices. Our  farming style ensures that our water sources, air, soil, bodies, and  communities will be healthy for future generations.