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Certified Organic

 Welcome to our ICS/OCIA NOP Certified Organic (for over 25 years) grain and cattle farm in Northeast Kansas.  ​We  take great pride in providing food that is nutritionally superior while  respecting nature.  We never use synthetic pesticides or herbicides,  hormones, subtherapeutic antibiotics, food additives or genetically modified  organisms (no GMO's). 


 For  over ten thousand years, humans have cultivated and consumed wheat.  It  is truly a "staff of life".  We take great pride in growing  milling/sprouting hard red winter wheat.  Our unique environment and  cultural practices enable us to produce the finest quality of wheat. 

Beef by the Side

 Our  beef is born and raised on the grasslands of our certified organic  farm.  We practice rotational grazing to promote the conservation of the  land and to promote health within the herd.  We grow our own silage,  hay, and grains organically, ensuring only the finest organic feeds are  fed to our cattle. 

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Geiger Farm

2020 Raccoon Road, Robinson, Kansas 66532, United States


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